KOMBUCHA IS A 'LIVING' HEALTH DRINK which is easy to make at home for all the family. It costs very little - basically all that is required is tea, sugar, a Kombucha 'starter' culture and the right information. Placed in a warm environment, the sweetened tea and culture create a little chemical factory which converts all the sugar, transforming it into a drink which can taste something like a 'zingy' (non-alcoholic) apple cider, a refreshing light wine, or even champagne, depending on what kind of tea you use. Kombucha is a nutritious 'food' drink, containing lots of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and health-giving organic acids.

THE CULTURE is a symbiosis of yeasts (candida friendly) and bacteria. Basically it looks like a smooth creamy beige to white pancake. With every brew you make it forms a new layer or culture on the surface of the liquid, which can be divided, enabling you to pass on spare Kombucha cultures to friends and family.

When Kombucha is thoroughly and correctly fermented, it consists of acetic acid, carbonic acid, vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, B15, various beneficial enzymes and essential amino acids, folic acid, gluconic acid and lactic acid, as well as usnic acid—a natural product of fermentation, suppressing development of micro-organisms not belonging to the Kombucha culture.
A well and professionally fermented Kombucha will have a slightly acidic taste, since through the fermentation process the sugar has been converted first into alcohol and subsequently into valuable lactic and other soluble organic acids.
B VITAMINS serve many purposes, for example, aiding in the proper conversion of carbohydrates.
GLUCONIC ACID is a product of the breakdown of glucose and acts as a food preservative.
GLUCURONIC ACID found in Kombucha is also one of the most important elements produced in the liver. It is used by the body to bind any toxins which have invaded the body, or are the result of natural bodily functions such as digestion. Once bound by glucuronic acid, toxins can be expelled from the body and are not re-absorbed.
CARBONIC ACID and Carbon Dioxide are a natural product of the yeast acting upon the sugars during the fermentation process. Carbon Dioxide, as well as the .05% alcohol produced in this process, has extensive anti-microbial properties.

KOMBUCHA TEA took a long journey from Manchuria about 2,300 years ago, by Japan and through rural Russia, where babushkas would keep a pot brewing on a shelf of their cozy kitchens. Some people treated it with reverence and regarded making and consuming the beverage as something of a sacred ritual.

KOMBUCHA can help everyone become more healthy and help prevent disease. More and more doctors and health practitioners are recommending Kombucha Tea to their patients. Kombucha does not treat symptomatically, like chemical drugs do, but holistically, by strengthening and balancing the whole body, allowing it to function better and to heal itself. Kombucha is also excellent as a preventative, maintaining and keeping the body well.
Besides drinking the tea, it has many other applications.
Kombucha tea can be applied topically to the skin. 
As a poultice or compress for abscesses and ulcers.
Made into an effective cream for skin disorders. 
Added to bath water, in a foot-bath or as a douche. 
As an aid to beauty treating the skin - and as a hair rinse. 
Excellent for steam inhalation. 
As Kombucha drops or nasal spray.
For the treatment of animals - small and large. 
In the garden against bugs and to help plants' fertility. 
As a natural disinfectant with 100s of uses. 
In a wide range of food recipes

KOMBUCHA supports each person's area of need in the body, helping it to function better which alleviates many symptoms and discomforts. Everyone has their own health weakness, eg. arthritis, kidneys, skin disorders, circulation, etc, or just needing more energy on a daily basis. Kombucha is particularly known for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system and balancing the metabolism. It helps with a whole range of symptoms, such as digestive disorders, blood pressure, arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), MS, asthma, elimination, eczema, etc.

KOMBUCHA is an ancient medicine. While some media reports have given the impression that Kombucha is some sort of panacea (which is untrue), others dismiss it as a new health fad (which is misleading). The handbook, Kombucha Tea For Your Health and Healing, (http://www.sulis-health.co.uk/kombucha/facts.shtml#tea) lays the foundations for Kombucha therapy according to principles that go back to the beginning of medicine. It was Hippocrates who pointed out that true healing happens only when the body is encouraged to heal itself. Kombucha treatment recalls the basics of true medicine.

KOMBUCHA seems a very timely rediscovery, at a time when there has been an enormous increase in immune-deficiency diseases, new viruses and stress-related illnesses. It is self-empowering. We can help ourselves, our family and friends at home, for very little cost. Many people are becoming more anxious about their own health, especially with the health services under strain. Kombucha is available for those people who wish to take some initiative in helping themselves, in learning more about their own body and what it needs to be healthy. Kombucha could well help in the drive towards a healthier society.

A FEW PEOPLE may experience some detoxification symptoms at the beginning, which is good and is only the body releasing unwanted toxins. This can be eased by taking Kombucha in small amounts to start with, and gradually building up to the recommended amount. It is also advised to drink plenty of water to help flush out the toxins.
DOSAGE: If you are using Kombucha for the first time you may prefer to take your Kombucha with meals rather than on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
Start with a small amount - 1/4 to 1/3 cup - take it first thing in the morning (to aid digestion) or last thing at night (it has a calming effect and helps you sleep).
Gradually increase your intake until you find a suitable level - up to 2 cups per day is fine, but don’t overdo it.

READY-MADE BEVERAGE - If you are unable to make your own, you can buy our ready to drink, bottled Kombucha.   If you would like to try making it yourself, please ask us, as we have plenty of starter cultures available as well as written instructions to help you get started.

For a wonderfully written step by step on making Kombucha Tea, visit Ed Kaspers site.
This page was last updated: October 6, 2012
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