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Midvalleyvu Family Farm is a family owned, MOSA Certified Organic, Grade A Dairy farm located in Pepin County, Wisconsin.     

Our family consists of Wayne, Janet, our oldest daughter Becky, her husband Josh, and our sons Jacob and Joseph as well as our granddaughters Jordin and Alexandra.

Below is a family photo.

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Photo taken Mother's Day 2009 - CLICK TO OPEN LARGER PHOTO
We welcome farm visits, and will gladly show you around.  See first hand how our animals are treated and visit with one of the few remaining family farms in the area.
Our family has had many health issues over the years, which is in part what brought us from conventional to organic farming practices.  Our organic values extend into our personal lives as well, in what we eat, how we live, and the products we use on a daily basis.  Through one of our major health issues, we learned of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and believed so much in what it represents that we became Chapter leaders for our area.  The Foundation, and it's President, Sally Fallon, have been a major support to us during our dealings with the State of Wisconsin and the issue of Raw Milk and Dairy Products. 
For more information, please feel free to give us a call (715) 285-5331
Our Holstein, Jersey and Milking Devon cows have outdoor access year-round. We use management intensive grazing where they receive plenty of daily fresh air, sunshine and exercise, one of nature's healthiest resources here on the farm.     
Our animals are raised  in a safe, natural, stress-free environment.  We use no Grain, no rBGH, no pesticides, no antibiotics, and our animals are treated with loving care.  This shows in the way our animals treat us!  Every animal on the farm is calm, easy going, and very easy to get along with! 
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Our New LOGO showing our farm as viewed from the west.  An original pencil drawing done by our son-in-law Joshua P. McMahon.
A view of Midvalleyvu from the hills
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Wayne & Janet Brunner
Jacob and Joseph
Arkansaw, Wisconsin
(715) 285-5331
Becky & Josh McMahon
Jordin and Alexandra
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